Supply Chain Optimization

Manifesting Good Stuff

There were lots of vendors at the Manifest conference, BUT there were fewer shippers. I did see two interesting things: Shared trailer pools. Not like Chep pallets, but I’d say a combination of that and how the railroads share box cars Relay ...

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Supply chain visibility — So what?

Supply chain visibility is fashionable, and vendors will tell you all the benefits— but is it worth the investment? If visibility shows a shipment to Walmart will be late: You should know this already because the majority of late arrivals are caused ...

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A Remarkable Achievement: Ferrara Candy's Success in Dramatically Reducing Their SKU Count

NextGen conference with Josh lipman and keba Mbaye spoke about Ferrara candy's sku successful rationalization

Congratulations to Ferrara Candy! They have succeeded where many others have failed, they have successfully reduced their SKU count by about a third. Josh Lipman and Keba Mbaye presented at the #NextXGen conference. This is how they did it... Some ...

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Listen to Tom's Entrepreneurial Supply Chain Story on the CSCMP Member Monday Series

Great interview! 🎙️Watch Tom's episode of the CSCMP Member Monday Series. The new series releases each Monday with an in-depth discussion where CSCMP members share how our growing association has benefited them on their diverse supply chain career ...

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[Customer Success Story] TalkingLogistics: How T|WO created a successful Optimized Load Building plan for Riviana Foods Inc.

How T|WO created a successful Optimized Load Building plan for Riviana Foods Inc.

Watch the latest episode of TalkingLogistics to learn about the large financial benefits a massive consumer products goods company like Riviana Foods Inc. can achieve (in the millions) by addressing their capacity challenges. How is artificial ...

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How Technology Is Eliminating Deployment Volatility And High-Cost Freight

LevelLoad and AutoO2 eliminate deployment (e.g., from plant to customer-facing distribution centers) volatility using a combination of: Tendering early smooth freight volumes over time by pushing lower-priority deployment demand to a later day and ...

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Big Breakthrough Eliminates Spot

The volatility of deployment has caused a lot of heartaches: What couldn’t be covered by contracted carriers switched to high-cost spot Overtime and detention as sites got buried We are proud to say we have identified a solution: LevelLoad combined ...

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Congratulations Kimberly-Clark For Being A Finalist For The CSCMP Innovation Award!

Many major shippers suffer high-cost spot freight. And Kimberly-Clark did something about it: Project EARL (Early Tendering and Leveling). AutoO₂ and our sister company’s LevelLoad are the underlying technologies driving the savings. Call Tom Moore ...

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Unintended Consequences + Diesel $4.849

The unintended consequences of developing Electric Vehicles (EVs) are numerous. Sometimes collateral damage is self-inflicted. Here are examples. The push for Electric Vehicles and “clean” power has the unintended consequence of: Large mines must be ...

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