Supply Chain Optimization

LevelLoad Deployment Transportation Scheduler [Video]


In the ever-fluctuating world of supply chains, volatility is a given. Supply-planning systems, designed to react swiftly to customer demands, often fall short when managing inventory deployment. With limited foresight into transportation costs and ...

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Revolutionizing Supply Chains: Tom Moore's Visionary Leap with ProvisionAi

In a recent insightful interview with Authority Magazine, Tom Moore, the CEO and Founder of ProvisionAi, unveils the transformative potential of AI in the logistics and supply chain sector. Moore, with his rich background in creating solutions for ...

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Meet Tim —he is still complaining about waiting for loads

After serving in Vietnam, Tim came back and drove trucks. Then, he started his own trucking business. All these years later, Tim still complains about all the waiting he had to do at distribution centers. And while some shippers have made this ...

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[VIDEO] JB Hunt 3rd Quarter Report - a tough year for trucking

JB Hunt has announced its Revenue yesterday for the third quarter. Intermodal which represents about half the business so year over year, excluding fuel, down 14% in terms of Revenue. Dedicated which is about 28% decline in Revenue, Brokerage really ...

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The Future of Brokers and a Railroad

Convoy — out of business. JB Hunt brokerage is losing money. Loads posted to the U.S. truckload spot market are down 12.3% from August to September, leaving demand down 43.4% from September 2022, according to DAT Solutions. Are brokers doomed? My ...

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The Fallacy of Travel Times

At the NEXTxGen conference, Maersk showed the shortest isn’t always the quickest. On trips from California to Memphis by truck, the Northern route is shorter, but the Southern route is, on average, quicker and with less variability: Northern: ...

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A Remarkable Achievement: Ferrara Candy's Success in Dramatically Reducing Their SKU Count

NextGen conference with Josh lipman and keba Mbaye spoke about Ferrara candy's sku successful rationalization

Congratulations to Ferrara Candy! They have succeeded where many others have failed, they have successfully reduced their SKU count by about a third. Josh Lipman and Keba Mbaye presented at the #NextXGen conference. This is how they did it... Some ...

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Get Over Carrier relationships:  a Myth in Freight Based Market

A panel session at CSCMP discussed how important it was for a Carrier / Shipper “relationship.” Carrier contracts are pretty loose*; the concept of “relationships” is even looser. For example: Does a carrier accept a load from a “relationship” ...

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Why is Diesel so Expensive?

Lack of diesel graph

US crude is lighter than, say, Nigerian oil, so it is hard to make diesel in quantity. Add to that the issues with crude oil itself, which has gone above $90 only to fall into the $70 range, but recent events have sent it to $85. These events ...

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LOAD BUILDING CHALLENGE: Axle Weights and The California Kingpin law

I'm Tom Moore people talk about the California bridge laws the bridge law is for California are the same as all the other states in the country the goal is to spread the weight out over a bridge so you don't Crush the bridge my by concentrating the ...

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