Supply Chain Optimization

Government’s Favorable Treatment of Teamsters Stinks

Trump spent $700MM bailing out Yellow to preserve Teamster jobs during Covid— that’s $23,000 per person. The Teamster Central States Pension Fund (TCSP) bailout was far more than the Pension Guarantee would have paid: $100K per member of the fund. ...

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Listen to Tom's Entrepreneurial Supply Chain Story on the CSCMP Member Monday Series

Great interview! 🎙️Watch Tom's episode of the CSCMP Member Monday Series. The new series releases each Monday with an in-depth discussion where CSCMP members share how our growing association has benefited them on their diverse supply chain career ...

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Harold J. Daggett incentivizes failure supporting anti-optimization with an Open Hand for More Union Bailouts

State of the Supply Chain Optimization Podcast with Thomas A Moore

Harold J. Daggett incentivizes economic failure by supporting anti-optimization endorsements while Yellow Corp. Files Bankruptcy Post Government Bailout Did you know that US Taxpayers own 30% of the stocks for this company? You own stock due to the ...

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[Customer Success Story] TalkingLogistics: How T|WO created a successful Optimized Load Building plan for Riviana Foods Inc.

How T|WO created a successful Optimized Load Building plan for Riviana Foods Inc.

Watch the latest episode of TalkingLogistics to learn about the large financial benefits a massive consumer products goods company like Riviana Foods Inc. can achieve (in the millions) by addressing their capacity challenges. How is artificial ...

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Diesel Will Stay The Fuel Of Choice

Diesel will remain the fuel of choice for long-haul truckers over the next years because: Hydrogen is still taking significant time to develop. Compressed natural gas seems to have lost its luster. Electric has major drawbacks, including Max ...

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Amazon Fighting For All Of Us

Amazon is fighting for all of us against illegal National Labor Review Board mandates Union access to its sites. Like many companies, Amazon restricts people who aren’t working a shift from being on-site. The NLRB, despite Supreme Court rulings to ...

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Oil Price Doesn't Listen To The Markets + The Yellow Debacle

In 2020 I was highly critical of the government for giving Yellow Freight a $700MM bailout. Now the company is threatening bankruptcy. "Without [restructuring operations that Yellow labels as] crucial reforms, which are standard practice in the ...

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Getting More Carrier Capacity

Getting more carrier capacity the expensive way: Buy trucks – the backlog at truck assembly lines in North America has grown to 205,000 orders – up sharply from 89,300. Getting more carrier capacity cheaply: Ryder, which rents trucks and trailers, ...

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No-Emission Trucks

Zero-emission truck

Next year, truck manufacturers will need to supply 9% of trucks sold in California to be zero-emission. But this is tougher than it sounds: Batteries add substantial weight —decreasing payload. Consider an EV Hummer weighs in at 9,000# Batteries ...

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Benefits of Transportation Deployment Scheduler LevelLoad

The benefits of the transportation deployment scheduler LevelLoad are numerous. Kimberly-Clark is a global leader in child care and personal care goods, with such famous brands as Kleenex, Huggies, Kotex, and Cottonelle, Scott, among others. Demand ...

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