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Harold J. Daggett incentivizes failure supporting anti-optimization with an Open Hand for More Union Bailouts

Harold J. Daggett incentivizes economic failure by supporting anti-optimization endorsements while Yellow Corp. Files Bankruptcy Post Government Bailout

Did you know that US Taxpayers own 30% of the stocks for this company? You own stock due to the $700 million dollar government bailout in 2020. What now after Yellow has gone bankrupt even after a massive government bailout?

Teamsters leadership "was able to halt our business plan, literally driving our company out of business," Yellow CEO Darren Hawkins said in a statement late Sunday. —Reuters 8/7/23

But is this true? Is it the Teamsters fault or gross mis-management? Or both? These funds were given while the company was under investigation for defrauding the government. So, US tax payers paid Yellow's settlement fine with our own tax money. 

"The company had received that loan during the pandemic, despite the fact that at the time it was facing charges of defrauding the government by over-billing on shipments of items for the US military. The company eventually settled the dispute without admitting wrongdoing but was forced to pay a $6.85 million fine."  —CNN

And now three years later with bankruptcy inevitable, it appears not much was done to reverse a dire financial situation, except to willing and carelessly taking on more debt. 

If the $700 million infusion, or even a portion of the bailout funds were utilized for load optimization, it's very possible that 30,000 employees of Yellow Corp would still be employed, and not only that, but thriving. What are your thoughts?

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