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Innovations in Manual Picking and Oil Prices

Oil continues to rise: Over $91 on Monday.  Meanwhile, diesel is rising faster.
Since May 3:
  • Diesel and Jet fuel up ~50%
  • Gasoline ~20%
  • Crude ~30%
The bionic man comes to the warehouse to ensure employees lift correctly: Hunic Exoskeleton technology ensures posture is correct to reduce the chance of injury. It significantly reduced the fatigue felt by those working in the five UK XPO depots where the suits were tested.
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Infrastructure In Disrepair— Fixing It Is Totally Broken

Infrastructure does need to be fixed. Unfortunately, a lot of things stand in the way. Take this example: BNSF wants to spend its own money to replace a 140-year-old bridge over the Missouri River. A special interest group has tied this up for five years, claiming that, despite a predecessor railway having been given the right of way over public land, because BNSF can’t produce the original deed to that right-of-way, the land should revert to the state. The courts should have the ability to punish these folks.

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